For each individual model a fairly large list of technical characteristics and parameters of the car is presented. We will try to give the most detailed comments on the most important graphs in the tables, which you can see as a result of comparison of individual models of cars.

Also it should be said that our numbers do not pretend to be true - real values ​​of sizes, dimensions, etc. can differ due to inaccuracy of the holes, etc. We just try to be as accurate as possible, but this does not always work.

Most important parameters:

  • For whom the car is designed. If in this column, you see that our system recommends the car "for women", this does not mean that it is not suitable for the male. The fact that this particular model of the car can perfectly suit women, but equally equally can be very convenient for men.
  • Third row of seats. This item implies both the availability of a full range of seats, and the possibility of choosing this option when ordering different trim levels.
  • The cost. Very conditional indicator - it is created in order for you to understand the order of the numbers in question. Especially when the price depends on the exchange rate of foreign currencies.

IMPORTANT! Some parameters and specifications may differ from actual values. The exact values ​​of dimensions, etc., you will be able to tell the official representatives of the brands.